2 years since the last post…

Since then I abandoned the Mnemosyne project. It was fun to work on for a while, learning some CSS and working with PHP. But I started using Evernote, which basically had every feature I wanted already implemented, with phone support.

I worked on a chess board coverage simulator that helped you visualize which of your pieces were in danger. Build in HTML, JS and CSS. I played with JQuery a bit on that one, and tried to build a good UI. Each square tells you in the top two corners, how many pieces are covering it at that moment. You can initialize the board, and move all the pieces around. It’s free form, so you can move any piece anywhere you want.

I also worked on a parser in PHP for an NFL pool I was in. The software the pool used was very old and unsupported, so it was missing a lot of basic functionality. I created a site that would scrape the page of player picks, and dynamically sort the standings based on the current game scores. I hooked into an XML feed from nfl.com for the current scores. The site also allowed you to submit hypotheticals, eg., if you wanted to know where you’d place if certain teams won. I worked a bunch on it in 2012, and then polished it in 2013. I think I’ve convinced the pool admin to switch to better software next year, so unfortunately, it won’t be useful anymore.

Recently, I’ve been reading tech books that I should have read in University: Mythical Man-Month by Brooks, Programming Pearls by Jon Bentley, and hopefully next will be Pragmatic Programmer by Andrew Hunt and David Thomas.

I’m currently reading through Pearls, but I haven’t been doing the coding exercises. I wanted to read though it first, and absorb the knowledge first and maybe go back later and try some of the problems. I haven’t worked in C++ or C in quite a while, most recent would probably be in 2010 fooling around with Microsoft Kinect SDK.

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