Adaptability and Calmness

I haven’t had much time lately to read more of TPP, but I did  have some thoughts about it, and what a developer needs to be successful.  Or more accurately, how a developer should react to changes to keep themselves sane.

A developer has to contain their frustrations, when changes occur.  Changes occur for many reasons, due to additional or revamped requirements, team member additions or subtractions, alterations in company policy, or a variety of other reasons.  Eliminating all possibility of change is not feasible, and you have to take them in stride.  It’s easy to hold a static view of how a project should be progressing, but when something happens that goes against that view, it can make you angry, looking for people to blame.  A better approach would be to try and determine the true value of the change in terms of time and effort, and figure out how to get it done, rather than fester because you believe that the change is unnecessary, or is coming in too late in the project’s timeline.

Sometimes, changes are unnecessary, but if you’re not the one making those decisions its better to go with the flow and reduce your stress levels.


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