New Year’s Motivation: Mnemosyne Fix, Homepage Cleanup

Hello 2011.

I sort of let this site slip. And by sort of, I mean completely. I had uploaded functionality to Mnemosyne without fully testing it, and it pretty much broke everything. I was able to sort out what the problem was and fix it, but I don’t think I’m doing database connections properly in PHP. I basically have a database connection opening at the beginning of each page, then closing it at the end. Maybe that’s how it should be done, but it seems intuitively wrong. I’ll have to look at that.

So Mnemosyne works again. Lots of spam on there that I’m going to have to clean up. I’ll need a password or CAPTCHA to filter that out. Maybe password for the beginning, then CAPTCHA when I have more time.

I removed some music flash players on the home page. They had worn their welcome. I need to change that front page completely. I don’t like it anymore.

Hopefully this isn’t the last entry for a while.

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