Attended AWS’ Re:Invent conference this year, for the 2nd time. First time was two years ago in 2017. I for the most part enjoyed it, Vegas is an interesting place, and the content is mostly informative. I find the best thing I get out of going is the inspiration to play with new services, and think of ways to incorporate them into our application portfolio at work.

Saw a few really good sessions, and a few not very good chalk talks. Attended one 2 1/2 hour workshop that I could have done by myself in a lot less time.

I find I get really excited about some things, and then the excitement dies down after a few months and I forget about it. So I’m going to try to log here what I would like to review, and come back in a year and see what progress I’ve made in learning.

Services I don’t have much familiarity with

  • DynamoDB – Don’t have much NoSQL experience whatsoever. I still have a mental block on the data modelling and use cases. Figure I’d try it out along with a few other services
  • Lambda Functions – I do have experience with these, but not enough to say I’m well versed. I’d like to play with layers, writing some different functions in the different language options (python, node, Go), and connecting it with…
  • API Gateway – Haven’t played with this much. Would love to see how this plays with Lambda and…
  • SAM / Cloud Formation – Infrastructure as code is not something I’ve played with much. Would love to tack some learning on this with the above services.
  • Cognito – We use Azure AD a lot with work, and it integrates with .NET project very well. Haven’t tried AWS Cognito at all for auth.
  • CloudWatch / X-Ray / CloudTrail / AWS Config – We’ve been talking a lot about metrics and measurement at work. Would love to plug this in to the work above
  • AWS Identity / IAM – I think I understand the basics of this, but don’t have much experience playing with it
  • Other random stuff that came up that I have a more passing interest in: AppSync, Step Functions, Service Mesh, AWS Amplify

There were also some other non-AWS technologies that piqued my interest there: Gatling for load / performance testing, Tableau for reporting, Event Driven Architecture.

There was a session on .NET containers, but I’m not sure if I want to dig into that. We use a lot of serverless functions and app services, that we sort of leap-frogged containers. It’s on the back burner.

There were a few resources from the conference that also seemed worth-while looking into:

Hopefully I dig into some of these this year. They mostly all fit nicely together, so I just have to sit down and start playing.