Technical Link Dump

I keep links in Feedly, the RSS feed reader I use, for months.  I’m going to move them to a post here to clear them out of Feedly.

Is C# a strongly typed or weakly typed language – Eric Lippert – A good explanation on the ambiguity of the terms “Strongly Typed” vs “Weakly Typed” and the more definitive terms “Statically Typed” vs “Dynamically Typed”.

DRY out your policies – Eric Lippert – A nice article on what actually constitutes repeating yourself in code

Identifying Code Quality from Source Code – A few points on how to demonstrate code quality from measurable metrics

C# Tools – List of various tools for C# development

HttpClientFactory in .NET Core 2.1 – Update usage pattern for consuming Web APIs

15 tips for performance tuning your website – Nice beginning list for what to look at to gain performance in your site

.NET Ecosystem Explanation – What are all the different flavours in .NET now (Core, Framework, Standard)