Visual Studio 2017 Productivity Guide

A guide from Microsoft for keyboard shortcuts and other productivity tools in Visual Studio 2017.

Ctrl-F12 & Shift-F12

I use F12 a lot to “Go to Definition”, but I always forget these short cuts for “Go to Implementation” and “Show All references”, two context menu items I click on regularly

Ctrl-T – Go to All

I was used to Eclipse’s shortcut for navigating to a type or file (Ctrl-T / Ctrl-R if I remember correctly), but I never found the same functionality in VS work as well.  I’ll have to try to remember to use this sometimes.


There are some useful refactorings that I always seem to do manually.  VS 2017 has utilities for various refactors including Null Checks, Extract Method, Generate Method / Constructor and some others.

Live Unit Testing

Once I get myself and my team more Testing focused, we should try out VS 2017’s Live Unit Testing feature.


A few neat items in the guide that could help my productivity.  I think the Live Unit Testing and the Refactor helpers would benefit me the most at this time.